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Machinery Networks offers the largest, top end quality inventory of used metalworking and fabrication machinery which includes modern presses and CNC metalworking equipment and in light of the fact that our inventory is updated on a daily basis, Machinery Network is a leading CNC auction company. Since we offer late-model and good quality equipment, we offer a 30 day Machinery Network returns policy, and in addition to the CNC auctions, our company is able to offer assistance with liquidations, appraisals and to companies that are looking to sell their surplus or unused CNC machinery. Machinery Network is also able to provide aid with financing and as such, our website,, has become a meeting ground for buyers and sellers of CNC machinery and equipment. Machinery Network Auctions has been involved in CNC auctions since 1987 and we have been instrumental in more than 1,000 auctions of surplus CNC equipment and machinery. Feel free to find out more about what Machinery Network Auctions is able to offer your company-whether seeking to purchase machinery or looking to sell surplus machinery.

Upcoming CNC auctions may be viewed on our website, where full details of the auction date and time as well as inspection time can be viewed. For online users who require further details on any of the upcoming CNC auctions, Gary Treisman may be emailed at Since we are involved extensively in CNC auctions, our company possesses the knowledge and skill to carry out full appraisals on surplus and used CNC machinery and due to the fact that we have vast experience in CNC equipment, our appraisals will be in accordance with the ever-changing market. Our aim is to offer appraisals which are accurate, and our appraisal service is offered to banks and other financial institutions, as well as CNC machinery owners, who are forced into liquation or simply want to obtain a fair value of their equipment. Feel free to find out more about the CNC auctions and our appraisal service via the Machinery Network Auctions website.

If you have surplus machinery, or you are closing down your operations, the best way to obtain fair-market value for your CNC machinery and equipment is with an auction. In the same vein, those who are seeking to purchase machinery, CNC auctions will give buyers the chances to source late model, good quality equipment and machinery at the best prices. Take a moment to view the full range of services offered by Machinery Network Auctions, including financing and appraising via the website. For news on past and upcoming CNC auctions, our website contains the full details of the CNC auctions. Our clients are able to put their faith in our services, as we have an extensive knowledge of industrial equipment and machinery. Our company has become an active player in the realm of CNC auctions and we are used by well known auctioneers in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Find out more about the CNC auctions via our website.